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North Meck Animal Rescue

For over 19 years North Meck Animal Rescue, a no-kill shelter, has placed over 5,000 dogs. Its mission is to provide safe and healthy shelter and excellent care to the homeless, abandoned and neglected dogs before placing them in their forever home. NMAR remains dedicated to being the voice of those who have no say of their own and help to end pet abandonment, abuse, and neglect.

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“Rescue Connections’ free communications services have been invaluable for the rescue. It’s not that we haven’t wanted to increase our public awareness we simply didn’t have the resources, funding or manpower to make it happen. Rescue Connections has changed all of that for us. We can now concentrate and focus on the daily needs of the rescue and at the same time increase our footprint with the public, thus advancing our mission to find our animals their forever homes.”

Beth Phillips
Founder, North Meck Animal Rescue


“Since partnering with Rescue Connections we have been able to reach a larger audience and therefore find more homes for our shelter dogs. Any no-kill rescue working with Rescue Connections will be fortunate. Combining its passion for animal welfare and its expertise in communications services, I believe Rescue Connections can help bring other organizations to another level as it has ours. We are very excited about all of the services they provide and the continuation of this fabulous relationship.”

Cate Martin
Shelter Director, North Meck Animal Rescue